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A Love Letter

“You love me unconditionally. You accept me. You understand me. Even my unreasonable fears and moods. You love fully more than your heart can take. You make me feel beautiful even when I feel like crap. You do the sweetest little things without knowing it. You sing to me and I could feel your heart, see your aches and depths in your eyes, inhale your screams and fears and hopes. You kiss my hand like it is the last thing you long to do. You get me without me saying anything just by looking at me and how I move. You lift me up. Especially when I’m at my lowest. And remind me to let go, worry not, and just enjoy the moment. To not make things so difficult for me because it’s as simple as it can get. You make me see the world as it is. As it should be. And make me smile to my heart. And make me laugh with your wit, unaffected sense on life, and when you just challenge me so I would eventually fold. You dance with me and I feel loved in that moment more than I ever did in my life. You look at me like I’m the only one in the room. And your eyes they sparkle just for me. You care for others more than yourself because that’s what brings you joy. You are a kid at heart. And you’ll forever be. You have this loud voice which can be irritating yet funny at the same time. You have changed me. Subtle but meaningful to me. You believe in me. You are totally opposite from me. And it works because I learn. I feel needed with you. I know the real you and I feel so lucky. I can read you. I am more me with you. I love you.”

~an excerpt from a modern day love letter~


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