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  1. Set your expectations appropriately. I don’t mean to become such a pessimist, but more of a realist. When you set your expectations on your future, make sure it is grounded on the floor. But with enough wheels for you to chase after what you want. And fast.
  2. More often than not, the things you think will happen to you won’t be the things that will actually happen to you. So be prepared for the curveballs, the upsets, the blind spots, so that when it comes, you will have enough balls to pick up where you got slammed.
  3. This early on, try to really figure out what profession you would enjoy. Not what would bring you lots of money, or not what is trending, but actually think of a job that you will not leave even if you wanted to. They say you don’t have to like your job. Even if sometimes you don’t like it, you love it enough to stick to it.
  4. Same goes with the people you love. You don’t have to actually like them all the time, they might even annoy the hell out of you. But you know that you will love them still. So decide to keep the right people around. The kind that will believe in you. The kind that will listen to every ridiculous thing you could ever say. The kind that will not use or abuse you. The kind that will be happy to grow wrinkly old with you and laugh at it.
  5. Learn to invest for your future. This is boring stuff I know but it’s necessary if you want to be more secured later in life. Study financial options that you can take. And do them as early as you can.
  6. You can actually accomplish everything you want to do. Nearly everything, those that are actually feasible. You carry the potential to achieve your aspirations. There would be a lot of things that may impede you from doing it, especially yourself. But if you think about the possibilities that your potential can actually propel you to, that should be enough motivation for you to be brave. And become all those things you have been meaning to become.
  7. There is no loss in trying out different things. This is where you will build your experience. This is when you can form the many charming, endearing facets of your personality. It’s like branching out, it’s like leaves growing from your stems. And you can decide what leaves they are with those deliberate acts of experience.
  8. Don’t let fear creep into your age. As we get older, we tend to just settle for what’s comfortable. We silently allow fear to stop us from risking because we like things steady. And we’re old now, steady is convenient. It’s nice to be secured. But make sure that it doesn’t rule your whole adult life.
  9. If you don’t like reading, watch movies that will provoke, enlighten, and bang the wisdom out of you. If you don’t like movies, converse with people who will add something worthy to your brain or heart. You need these tools, these external learnings aside from your own experience. It will expand your perspective. Lessen your self-woes and self-absorbedness. And make you more worldly. More into the real groundbreaking stuff that human life is made of.
  10. The best and worst are yet to come. So take it all in. Get ready. Get excited.

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Welcome 2015!

It’s another new year. Every year I would write a new year’s post to start off the year right and to remember the year that was. And every year, I would hope for something greater, better and more meaningful for the new year. I guess everyone of us wishes for the same thing.

The past year taught me a lot about myself. There is often a belief that when you turn 30, you start really getting to know yourself. And being comfortable with who you are. Not caring so much about ridiculous things which bothered you when you were young. And I’d like to believe that this is true. I guess, when you grow older, you get to discover more about yourself. And though I already feel older than 30 (I always tell people this and they would wonder why), there is still a whole lot more to learn, to understand, and to unravel even when you feel like you’ve already carried so much in this life. I’ve always said that I don’t assume to know everything and I never will, and that speaks true until the end. Because what we’re really here for is to constantly make new discoveries, to explore unchartered territories and maybe gain a whole new appreciation of what life really is and should be.

I cannot begin to tell you how I wish to make these new experiences every day. And so for this year, I would like to tell myself to take more chances. Even the little ones that do not really look like one. Because I think they’re the most fun things you could ever really do. That when you sum them up together, they would really brighten up your year. I hope to travel the world as always. To feed this hunger always boiling inside of me. My feet are just way too itchy. Traveling thus far always seems to be the peak of any given year.

I wish to take more initiatives in helping people. I wish that I would have more time to do this and the courage to start anew and by my own. Helping others is what truly gives meaning to my life. Whether it’s in teaching others, giving my time, or just sharing what I have, I hope I’ll be an instrument to serve others. To give back for all the blessings that has been bestowed upon me.

I hope to stay grateful even with all the sorrows and pain in this life. At the end of the day, even when I weep, complain, or feel down, I cannot ever take away how He has guided, taken care and blessed my family. I thank you Lord for getting me through all those years and giving me hope when I had lost it. Thank you for not giving up on me when I had already given up on myself.

And with everything I have gone through, I hope to continue to love myself. It hasn’t been an easy road, people always see their inner flaws. And I have learned that I have been doing this for all my years, and it took me time to know that I can only burden myself for being too critical of myself. One of my favorite TV characters once said that, as you grow old, you learn that you cannot really change who you are, you just begin to learn to accept it. I believe that we have the chance and the power to make those changes for the better but the core of who we truly are is already there just waiting for our own realization and acceptance. I hope to see the good rather than the bad side. To take it easy and not be too harsh on myself, for who else would? To forgive myself. To learn from my mistakes instead of punishing myself for it. To give myself an opportunity to rise and appreciate my strengths as well as recognize my weaknesses.

And so to anyone or everyone who wishes for a great new year ahead, let’s make this new year a beginning for ourselves. To not take life so seriously. To laugh at ourselves. To cry when we need to and pick ourselves up after it. To be comfortable with what we want, what we can do, and those things that we are not. To feel immense happiness in moments just because we can and we deserve to. To give ourselves chances even when we have screwed them up in the past. To let our guards down and just be. To move forward with less anxiety and fear. To not lose hope that incredible things are on their way, just waiting for the right time. And to smile because we know that God has entirely made a plan for our lives even when we feel most unsure, insecure and doubtful.

I pray for all these good things to come your way. And here’s to a year we won’t forget.

A lovely and meaningful 2015 to  you, may this year fill your heart with joy, gratitude and love. 🙂


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A Love Letter

“You love me unconditionally. You accept me. You understand me. Even my unreasonable fears and moods. You love fully more than your heart can take. You make me feel beautiful even when I feel like crap. You do the sweetest little things without knowing it. You sing to me and I could feel your heart, see your aches and depths in your eyes, inhale your screams and fears and hopes. You kiss my hand like it is the last thing you long to do. You get me without me saying anything just by looking at me and how I move. You lift me up. Especially when I’m at my lowest. And remind me to let go, worry not, and just enjoy the moment. To not make things so difficult for me because it’s as simple as it can get. You make me see the world as it is. As it should be. And make me smile to my heart. And make me laugh with your wit, unaffected sense on life, and when you just challenge me so I would eventually fold. You dance with me and I feel loved in that moment more than I ever did in my life. You look at me like I’m the only one in the room. And your eyes they sparkle just for me. You care for others more than yourself because that’s what brings you joy. You are a kid at heart. And you’ll forever be. You have this loud voice which can be irritating yet funny at the same time. You have changed me. Subtle but meaningful to me. You believe in me. You are totally opposite from me. And it works because I learn. I feel needed with you. I know the real you and I feel so lucky. I can read you. I am more me with you. I love you.”

~an excerpt from a modern day love letter~

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Just this week, two of my closest friends lost a parent. Coincidentally, the wake of their parents was held in locations that were side by side, I visited both a few times. The last night for my guy friend’s father, I cried when it was time for him to speak. Not only because he spent his rest days from work to care for his dad, for the time granted to them to be with him longer than expected, or because it was the last time they would commemorate him out loud, but it was because my friend spoke, choked up a bit and stood up there sharing how proud he is of his father and how proud he is that he is his father’s son. I was touched because he doesn’t talk much or atleast not loudly, and wasn’t really a cryer. He is proud of you too Dan, if I can be sure of one thing, that is it.

On the other side, my girl friend’s mom passed away quite suddenly. I went there the first day, and witnessed as her mother was still being prepared. I peeked to see them, again, I cried. It wasn’t a scene you would normally see. She is strong, I have always admired her will and resilience. I was lucky to have been there when nobody was around because we had the chance to really talk. I missed those conversations with her. And as we spoke, maybe her mother knew that her two children were already capable and independent enough on their own. But still, the years still ahead of them, marriage, kids, accomplishments, they wouldn’t be able to share those with her anymore. That’s the sad truth. But rest assured that your mom with your dad would forever watch over you, Gwen, from heaven.

Love both of you guys.<3

P.S. Isn’t it ironic that we call it a wake? Maybe there is a reason. Maybe because they’ll always be awake in our hearts. Or maybe they want to remind us to wake up from our own lives before it is taken away from us or from our loved ones.

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I’ve pretty much been doing the first two these past years. Unfortunately, the third one has often been neglected because of my BUSY schedule. Haha, busy which could probably be translated into laziness, lack of  prioritization, and the urge to sleep sleep and sleep.

And so, last February, for my birthday, a dear friend and I decided to make the most out of our day of getting older.

Grace and I with our close friends went to the Missionaries of Charity Home for the Abandoned/Neglected Elderly in Tondo, Manila to share what little we have for those who have less.

Grace cooked the main meal while I took charge of the drinks and dessert ( the easier one!). Well, my mother prepared the salad and I helped in packing them. I’m not much of a cook but more of an eater hehe.

Charity Charity2


We were not able to take pictures, luckily Sir Jun took shots of me without me knowing. 🙂

We had the chance to feed the lolas and the lolos who suffered from different illnesses. Some can speak, while some can’t. Some can walk, while others had to be assisted when they walk or be pushed in a wheelchair.

Some of those we met were willing to share their life story. They were eager, excited and accommodating to us who wanted to spend a day with them and make them feel appreciated even for a short time.

Others were not that sweet or funny, some were masungit but it was quite alright. They had nowhere to go, no family to care for them. They are truly blessed to have a home like this. The place was clean, refreshing, and with the necessities they needed. But of course donation of supplies such as food, clothing, medicines or any others is much appreciated.

The charming sisters who manage the house were actually from India. Maybe not all of them but a lot wore what Mother Teresa was famous for wearing.

For one day, we had the chance to realize how life can be cruel and kind at the same time, most especially at the end of one’s life. I felt sad and broken-hearted for these wonderful lolos and lolas. We wanted them to feel that, at least for that day, they had someone who whole-heartedly listened to them, laughed with them, cared for them and made an effort just to be at their side.

However, after the event, I felt bitin. I felt that what we did was not enough, it was only maybe 5% of the 100% we could have done. Hehe. I wish I could have done more because I know I could.

I only wish I could sustain these activities. I encourage everyone of you to reach out a hand and make your time worthwhile by sharing yourself and giving what you can to others. We can do more. We have to do more.

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Delight in the …

Delight in the Lord and He will grant the desires of your heart.

Kicking off the year with The Feast. 🙂 And believing that there is a great dream waiting to happen this year. God provides. “In his name, we overcome. For our Lord, our God is able.”

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Isn’t it ironic?

Isn’t it ironic that you found the love of your life and were not able to keep it?

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