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“When you find yourself around people where you feel the most you, never let go.”

“There’s something appealing about people who know who they are. People who have a passion in something, anything in life.”

“Sometimes, things are meant to be because you make them be.”

“Doesn’t mean it’s hard, you shouldn’t or you can’t.”

“Differences can reveal your inner character.”

“Life is short, why not try.”

“Positivity is self-mutilated.”



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In a Song

It’s been awhile, right? 🙂 And just so I could fill in the quiet months I have not posted in my beloved blog, here’ s the lyrics of a song my brother and I worked on a long time ago.


Verse 1

I love you without reason

Without cause or fear

I love you beyond reason

Not really knowing why or why you

I’ve been waiting for the day

When I’d finally understand what this crazy life means

What my heart is yearning for

Then I got you, and it all made sense


You make it better everyday

Live life as you always say

You’re my dream in every way

With your love that never fails

Verse 2

Tell me it’s forever

Waking up beside you and holding you close

I know it’s forever, this love I feel for you

No matter what you do


I miss you for every reason

For the smile in your eyes

And the thoughts in your mind

That keep me hanging on

I love you everyday…


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Teary Truth

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief and of unspeakable love. ~Washington Irving

I couldn’t agree more.

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“In another life, a different time, or a kinder circumstance, it could have been great. We could have been great.”

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Ms. A-Z

My sister told me to do this and it was fun! Check out my A-Z advices and I encourage you to do yours.  🙂

Allow yourself to be happy.

Believe in your giftedness.

Choose to be positive in everything you do especially in hopeless times.

Don’t expect, yet hope that God has a specific plan for you.

Everything will fall into place at the exact right time.

Find your brightest light.

Growing old doesn’t equate to growing up.

Humility is always a strong suit.

If it’s meant to be, you don’t even have to find it or fight for it.

Just smile, it has infinite benefits.

Kindness is never overrated.

Live like you mean it. Love like it’s not going to hurt.

Music is every bit the great companion.

Nobody can help you but yourself.

Overcome your fears and freedom is yours.

Pain is the root of every learning.

Questioning God is key to strengthening your faith.

Run after your dreams. It’s the only way to live.

Seek the solitude of your own heart, and bliss will eventually follow.

There is a reason why simple things are the best in life.

Understand that in life, nothing goes as planned yet everything works out for the best.

Value relationships more than anything.

Writing is my saving grace. What’s yours?

Xerox is a lifesaver in U.P. (haha can’t think of anything!)

Youth can often limit the truth in life.

Zeal in life, get it.

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I love watching the television. There was a time when there was GOOD STUFF to watch. Great series, great characters, great scripts. I’m not sure why I can’t seem to find something as good now on tv. Well, apart from Grey’s Anatomy I guess. I have this list of favorite characters on tv series that I enjoyed watching. Let’s see if you know any of them.

Chandler Bing.

Pacey Witter.

Izzie Stevens.

Haley James.

Miranda Hobbes.

Sydney Bristow.

John Carter.

Ally McBeal.

Adam Braverman.

Bobby Donnell.

Will Krudski.

Nico Reilly.


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Repost: Quotes

“Climb up the ladder one step at a time, moving gracefully to the rhythm of your own heart.”


“Breathe in the air of a blessed life while doing what fills your life with purpose.”


“We have to wait for the right time, for the right opportunity, and for God to give what’s right for us in precisely the moment it was meant to be given.”


“We have to look forward to greater things, happier days, and braver hearts.” 


“It’s funny sometimes to think that Time is so short but it runs throughout eternity. And then I think about my own words, and realize that time is not short, rather, life is.”


“Silently, gently, and deliberately make it count.”


“One day at a time, engage in simple pleasures that give meaning to each moment.”


“Love is hopeless, insane, life-altering, disappointing, stupid, heart-wrenching among the many thousand things it could ever try to be. It is not safe or passive because love should be anything but underwhelming.”


You only complain because you think you have a right to do so.

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