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Broken as Hell

It’s true, isn’t it? Bullies are broken people too. Maybe more broken than we think.

Cruelty. Nobody is exempted from it, I guess. All of us have come across it in any shape or form. It’s inevitable in life. Yes, nobody is exempted from it, yet nobody deserves it.

I can’t help but think about what bullies have gone through in their lives. It is more likely that they have rooted, unhealed, and traumatic wounds that they try to cover up. Maybe because they don’t know how to face them, scared to peel off the band aid, and are oblivious as to how to try to mend the hurt.

By knowing this, we can come to realize that they also need our help. Bullies are actually crying for help. Quietly screaming. Diverting their inner pains. Reacting to it in a defensive way. Because through bullying, they wouldn’t be seen as weak. Helpless. Frightened. Unconfident. Broken.

But somehow, if they resist help, how can they be saved? If they have gotten used to being the way they are, would they be willing to move away from what has given them comfort? Sometimes I think, we should just accept how they are because that’s who they are, and we can react differently than get affected or hurt. But we are broken people too. We hurt the same way. We break. We fall apart. Even with the little things that aren’t supposed to matter.

We can try to understand them. Give them the chance to change. Because everybody deserves to be better human beings. But is there a sliver of effort from them? I genuinely and pray to God, hope so.

There’s just a point where, enough is enough. Victims have their boiling point too, when you can’t take it anymore. And you realize that you can’t give them the satisfaction anymore by showing they affect you.

As my friend always says, they simply do not count in your life. So why be affected?

Maybe they do not count, but what they do to you counts, because it is just plain wrong. And it counts because you know they can be good people too. If they only knew how. If they only wanted to.


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