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I’ve pretty much been doing the first two these past years. Unfortunately, the third one has often been neglected because of my BUSY schedule. Haha, busy which could probably be translated into laziness, lack of ┬áprioritization, and the urge to sleep sleep and sleep.

And so, last February, for my birthday, a dear friend and I decided to make the most out of our day of getting older.

Grace and I with our close friends went to the Missionaries of Charity Home for the Abandoned/Neglected Elderly in Tondo, Manila to share what little we have for those who have less.

Grace cooked the main meal while I took charge of the drinks and dessert ( the easier one!). Well, my mother prepared the salad and I helped in packing them. I’m not much of a cook but more of an eater hehe.

Charity Charity2


We were not able to take pictures, luckily Sir Jun took shots of me without me knowing. ­čÖé

We had the chance to feed the lolas and the lolos who suffered from different illnesses. Some can speak, while some can’t. Some can walk, while others had to be assisted when they walk or be pushed in a wheelchair.

Some of those we met were willing to share their life story. They were eager, excited and accommodating to us who wanted to spend a day with them and make them feel appreciated even for a short time.

Others were not that sweet or funny, some were masungit but it was quite alright. They had nowhere to go, no family to care for them. They are truly blessed to have a home like this. The place was clean, refreshing, and with the necessities they needed. But of course donation of supplies such as food, clothing, medicines or any others is much appreciated.

The charming sisters who manage the house were actually from India. Maybe not all of them but a lot wore what Mother Teresa was famous for wearing.

For one day, we had the chance to realize how life can be cruel and kind at the same time, most especially at the end of one’s life. I felt sad and broken-hearted for these wonderful lolos and lolas. We wanted them to feel that, at least for that day, they had someone who whole-heartedly listened to them, laughed with them, cared for them and made an effort just to be at their side.

However, after the event, I felt bitin. I felt that what we did was not enough, it was only maybe 5% of the 100% we could have done. Hehe. I wish I could have done more because I know I could.

I only wish I could sustain these activities. I encourage everyone of you to reach out a hand and make your time worthwhile by sharing yourself and giving what you can to others. We can do more. We have to do more.


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