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As we wrap up the year 2012, we find a moment to remember how our lives have changed or remained in a span of a year. How has 2012 been for you? Much like the rest, today, I think about how the year has come and gone. It was not an easy year, with changes, challenges knocking on the door more frequently than anticipated. It has been a year filled with drama and surprises, if I’m being honest. Which is not always a bad thing.  And I suppose, in this dear little heart of mine, that it has been the same for you.

One thing I loved this year, which I plan to retain for the coming years (or to be certain for the rest of my life!), was traveling with my beloved friends.  It’s not that many, but for me, these trips were some of the highlights of my year. I’ve long dreamed to go to these places – Boracay, Ilocos and Korea, and I couldn’t be happier to check them off my list, a very long and unbelievable list hehe. A friend once said to me that, traveling was not really part of her priority list but she knew it was on mine.  So she was just glad that she had someone who she can just follow and tag along with on these trips. And I’m glad that was me.

2012 was also a time for goodbyes, fortunately not those teary ones but still, they still made you want to cry. Some dear friends had to leave so they could face a new, better life for their own happiness. And I am proud and happy that they are moving on, it’s high time they get the life they have been wishing for. I pray in my heart that 2013 is their year.

As goodbyes are never on their own, beginnings are always a great but scary way to spend the year. There were new things, new experiences to discover. I tried out for the Palanca Awards this year, and though I was so far from winning, submitting an entry had always been something I wanted to do. 🙂 I’ve also had the chance to play more table tennis which was really more than I can chew but what the heck! Those were definitely good times.

Work offered a surprise on its own as well. But opportunity is scarce, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s up to you how you’ll take them. I’m glad I was given a chance to prove something of myself, that I can be better, that I can contribute, and learn more. More than the expectations of others, it is my own that infinitely push me forward but at times hold me back. I don’t need to be told this because I know it myself. And so for the next year, I just have to relax, take it one step at a time, not be too neurotic, and just do my best.

This year has also been a time for love. As should every year. Because without it, any year might just be a time not well spent. Hardships are the bread and butter of any kind of love whether that be for family, friends or a dear someone. A FRIEND of mine, it was how we called each other, went through some hard stuff this year and I understood it better now. True love can be a true pain. But I think, we human beings, wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what we live for. To find that only someone who we can imagine spending our days with without fail. Someone who can bring joy in your heart with an ineffable laugh, a knowing look or a corny line. Someone who can fill your heart fully, like you can’t breathe whenever he’s around and whenever he’s not. It seems that I am rambling too much now, but you can never really ramble enough about love. And so I hope for love to fill our new year, and someone real and lasting who can give it to you my FRIEND.

It’s nearly new year’s eve and a whole lot of the unknown is ahead of us. I’ve never really paid that much attention to resolutions but hey! I probably should, because I’ve been neglecting a lot of stuff the past year. I intend to bring back my love for reading, it’s kind of hurting me right now (don’t ask! hehe). I probably need to buy a great book to start me off again. I also intend to help more this year. I have not done my part to the community as mush as I’d hoped. I probably should start that with a birthday treat (almost 29! Deym!) this February.

And so to all of you who’s reading this, to a certain few I’d presume (hehe), a toast to a fruitful, meaningful and blessed new year! As I always say, gratitude is the best weapon you can ever have in this life. While 2012 may have had its bumps and bruises, I always go back to that one Sunday evening, as I mutter over and over again to Him, how much I am grateful that I have finally come here to this point in my life where I have felt that happiness, although fleeting most times, but still it was happiness. I realized I’ve always been scared to say I am happy because I never really knew how that would feel or maybe because it might not be real or maybe it might not last. But I guess, we just have to make our own happiness even if it is just in those fleeting moments. Maybe it’s time we just don’t wish or say “happy” in Happy New Year but actually mean it.

So cheers everyone,  to a “new” Happy New Year! 🙂


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