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In a Song

It’s been awhile, right? 🙂 And just so I could fill in the quiet months I have not posted in my beloved blog, here’ s the lyrics of a song my brother and I worked on a long time ago.


Verse 1

I love you without reason

Without cause or fear

I love you beyond reason

Not really knowing why or why you

I’ve been waiting for the day

When I’d finally understand what this crazy life means

What my heart is yearning for

Then I got you, and it all made sense


You make it better everyday

Live life as you always say

You’re my dream in every way

With your love that never fails

Verse 2

Tell me it’s forever

Waking up beside you and holding you close

I know it’s forever, this love I feel for you

No matter what you do


I miss you for every reason

For the smile in your eyes

And the thoughts in your mind

That keep me hanging on

I love you everyday…



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