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“In another life, a different time, or a kinder circumstance, it could have been great. We could have been great.”


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I hate the way you look at me,

I hate the way you stare.

I hate the way I get your jokes,

And the fact that you get mine.


I hate the way you make me smile,

And how you make me laugh.

I hate the way you jab at me,

And how insults could be so damn funny.


I hate how quick your mind works,

And how you keep me on my toes.

I hate how kindness is in you,

Even in the little things around.


I hate how timing can be unkind,

And yet generous at the same time.

I hate that I know it could never be,

And that this is the end of the line.


I hate that this fate isn’t for me,

And how it won’t ever be.

But at least I got to know you

And hate you

How lucky could I be?

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