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Repost: Quotes

“Climb up the ladder one step at a time, moving gracefully to the rhythm of your own heart.”


“Breathe in the air of a blessed life while doing what fills your life with purpose.”


“We have to wait for the right time, for the right opportunity, and for God to give what’s right for us in precisely the moment it was meant to be given.”


“We have to look forward to greater things, happier days, and braver hearts.” 


“It’s funny sometimes to think that Time is so short but it runs throughout eternity. And then I think about my own words, and realize that time is not short, rather, life is.”


“Silently, gently, and deliberately make it count.”


“One day at a time, engage in simple pleasures that give meaning to each moment.”


“Love is hopeless, insane, life-altering, disappointing, stupid, heart-wrenching among the many thousand things it could ever try to be. It is not safe or passive because love should be anything but underwhelming.”


You only complain because you think you have a right to do so.


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