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The Light

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1. The minute you think you have the right to belittle others because you think you’re better than them is the same minute you’ve proven you’re worse.

2. Ultimately, who you are as a person will define who you are as a professional.

3. Sometimes, the intent is good enough when the action seems impossible.

4. No matter how harsh or negative your thoughts are, there is always a right way of saying them. (Sidebar)

5. Giving up also takes courage.

6. Whatever hurt you felt is not an excuse to inflict the same on others.

7. It’s such a wonder how people can diminish the worth of your relationship.

8. After everything, what we have left is not what we make to have a living but what we make out of living. (Title Bar)

9. Love always turns out to be worth everything.

10. Life is a mere reflection of how you see it.

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Is it Enough?

Most days, most nights, I wonder if I have done enough in this life. Have I made my days mean something?

Looking back, I feel like my 27 years of living have been a blur. A confusing blur of crazy, happy, bitter, angry, and lonely. I wonder if all those days have only been put to waste, to procrastination, or to an aimless wandering.

Sometimes, people get surprised when I share one, if not the greatest fear I hold in my heart. To which I say, won’t be easy to share, as it entails opening myself up to the world. I fear that my life would amount to nothing. And maybe those sleepless nights and seeking days were just simply that, prolonged moments of pessimism, planning, and self-pity.

These moments are natural occurrences in my everyday. I was sharing these sentiments to my mother today, who maybe is quite blessed to have a simple perspective on life. I tell her how in all those years, have I done anything  that truly mattered, that made a difference in others? She tells me about having good work, which is truly an important facet in one’s life. But then again, I told her, if you really look back, would you say that your highest peak has been that you’ve had good work? She also tells me, having my own family is truly a mark of a great life. Quietly, I thought, “Yeah I know. But what if I was not meant to have my own family. What then?”

All these thoughts, all these queries, I know they have a point they want to make. And deep inside, I know the answers but still, I feel like what I have done and am doing are not catching up to the ideal. My mother then tells me, it seems like you don’t have any contentment. To which I say, contentment could be a good or bad thing. It could stop you from reaching more, seeking for a better you, a more meaningful life. And yet it could also make you more appreciative, more grateful for what you have now and who you are at the moment.

And maybe as in all things in this life, all we have to care for is balancing the two.  Maybe what I have done so far in this fast life is enough right now. But tomorrow? Tomorrow is completely another day.

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