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The Feel of Christmas

There is a special kind of warmth that Christmas brings – a fuzzy, cozy, and wistful feeling that is only possible during this time of year. I just love it, as everyone of you also surely feels.  People are kinder, happier, and more hopeful about their lives. And who could ask for more, right? People let themselves be filled with wonder, amazement, and allow themselves to dream if only for a while.

A few years ago, I wrote this special text message as my holiday greeting to everyone dear to my heart. Here’s me sending it again to you who has allowed my own world of writing be part of their everyday lives.

“I heard once that in Christmas, you tell the truth. Here’s the truth I know of, every year we spend this meaningful day in the crowded church, looking up at the bright lights, and unwrapping presents. But truth is a lot of us do it out of tradition or expectation. But maybe just this time, this year, we’ll make an exception. Jesus lived so we can. And just this one day, let’s be worthy of that.”

Wishing you and your family a heartfelt and happy Christmas. 🙂


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Finding Light in “Brightest”

It’s not so often you get the chance to write a book, especially a book you love. So when luck introduced me to an emerging and homegrown publishing house, I couldn’t believe how chances can sometimes turn a dream into a real one.

Brightest, in truth, is a work of art by Johann De Venecia. I haven’t met him in person yet nor talked to him (as he is based in the U.S.). But even without the usual introductions, the beauty and depth of his art still resonated within me, which I’m fairly sure would be the same to everyone who reads this book. The story book, while captivating the visual senses of anyone especially the young, could just as easily be meant for adults who would soon find themselves relating to the meaning behind its wonderful images.

When Isshin Dream asked me to put the text along with the illustrations, I couldn’t really say no, since it is not too often that writers especially in the Philippines get to have the opportunity to be published, and to write about something so dear, so meaningful in their personal lives.

I feel truly privileged to have co-authored this book that I know will remain a classic for kids and their future families. Seeing my name on the front cover, in a book whose story cannot come any closer to the life I’ve lived, to the struggles I’ve gone through..well, it means everything. As the book narrates about a lost firefly trying to find his way, I pray that each one of you reading it, will be showered with enough inspiration, enough hope in your heart, than in this confusing and crazy life, you just have to believe that the effervescent light that you have been seeking for so long will eventually come to show you the way. And that in every lost road or cause or being, there is a purpose, a plan, and a person that could help to make you understand and realize who or where you are meant to be.

For you who, like me, have been lost at one time or another in this devastating yet incredible life, this book is our story. It is my wish that you never lose faith for a better and brighter life, and that you may also inspire others to find their own light.

Heart filled with hope,

Joanne Crisner

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…nakakapagod na rin.

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