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The Simple Things

“When I step out into the streets of the early afternoon sun, I realize I have this favorite moment during this time of day. It’s when the streets have quieted down from the early morning rush, and the glorious sun streaks on practically everything in sight, from the pavement to the trees, from the houses to the people’s smiles, I inhale and smile at this simple yet heart-filling moment when beauty is indeed everywhere around us. It’s the simple things really, that should make us look up.”


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Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot

1. Traveling.

2. Sideline. Haha.

3. Volunteering.

4. Family and friends.

5. Opportunities.

6. How to stay grateful.

7. How to truly live.

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Eight Ways to Win your Heart

1. Sweetness.

2. Kindness.

3. Spark (ness? hahaha)

4. Maabilidad.

5. Likes to read too.

6. Same wit / sense of humor.

7. Dapat naman cute or may dating (atleast sa standards ko which isn’t really the typical I think hehe).

8. May beat.

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10 Day Challenge – Day 2

9 Things About Yourself

1. I’m a heavy sleeper.

2. Love corn, any kind!

3. I started wearing glasses when I was in grade 5.

4. I cut my own hair sometimes haha.

5. I’m a huge Alvin Patrimonio fan.

6. Jologs talaga ako hahaha, well kadalasan.

7. Dead Poets Society is the best.

8. Go Lasalle!

9. I’m proud to be part of the Dawson’s Creek-Ally Mcbeal-FRIENDS generation!


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So, I got this from my sister and thought it was fun to do. Here goes!

10 Things You Want To Say To 10 Different People

1. I’m tired of adjusting.

2. Grow up!

3. Thank you for the memories.

4. Dapat bang tanungin ko na ang blackberry pin mo? Hahaha

5. Smile. Have Faith. God has a plan.

6. Pay up!

7. Tara na sa Bora!

8. You have to help yourself.

9. Buti na lang at totoo kang tao.

10. My life is so far from what you think.

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There’s truth in how people tend to seek for tiredness, an exhaustion of the body, because by then, there won’t be any chance to think or better yet, to feel.

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Real World

“It is a lonely world full of half finished stories, abrupt departures, missed connections and deep silences.” – Kelly of Goodreads

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