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Dear Heart

When you speak of the things most dear to your heart, you are allowed to shed a tear once in a while. Or maybe even…twice in a while.

Here’s to joy in your heart.



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Betting on Crusie

Too many similarities.

I will never be thin. (Not that I am really fat, at least I don’t think I am)

I like plain vanilla.

My mother always nags me to fix myself up so people will notice me.

Hmm, Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie was such a fun, silly, sexy ride all rolled into a contemporary romance. I have been enjoying some chick lit for a while now since I realize how fun and easy they all were. Well, compared to those intense books about loss, sadness and the like.

I discovered Crusie in Booksale when an old friend of mine just picked out the book and bought it for me. That book was entitled Faking It and at first I didn’t really get it. I mean, I was all confused with the names of the characters and the style of writing was quite new to me. It was fast, snappy, and witty. And the love story which was essential to all of her books had that tingling factor for two people trying to survive true love.

And so I became a fan. I found that a lot of people also liked her books and thought that Bet Me was the best one out there. So in one of those days when I felt like buying a book, I had this strong tug from somewhere in my bones to go to Booksale again. I had this anticipating feeling brimming in my heart that was about to get excited for a surprise ahead. I had a feeling that that day I would find some real treasure in those pile of bargain books. And I almost jumped from joy, when suddenly my eyes landed on the book I was pining for, Bet Me was in the shelf. And almost brand new as well! I couldn’t believe my luck. It was so hard to find the book you wanted in there and in pristine condition too.

And so, I finished Bet me in just a week because it was so fun, so easy to read, well despite that confusing characters who-said-what-game I always encounter when reading Crusie. Min Dobbs was like the average woman who wasn’t slender but smart enough to be her own woman. We had some alarming similarities and I could totally relate. Cal, the guy, was this perfect looking man, so slick, so handsome that he could sweep any woman off her feet with just a look.

It felt nice how someone who seemed perfect in the eyes of others had started to fall in love with a girl like Min. And who wouldn’t? She was funny, witty, sexy, and strong. I liked their friends as well who had their own views about love and life. Some were truly hopeful for a fairy tale, some were cynical, while some were smart when they cared (Tony!).

I remember one line from it, when Min said “I believe in love. But I don’t believe in fairy tales.” And I liked that this was true for me too. That was easier and more realistic since we are living in the real world. Maybe love with the hurt and all were part of the fairy tale because bottom line, you had love and that should be enough to make you happy.

I just wished that it had more of those heart-melting things why he started to develop loving her. I mean, I appreciate all the libido fun, I just wished it had more magical moments that could have made me cry. Haha, yeah I know I do cry when the guy realizes how much in love he was. Sappy but true hehe.

All in all, I look forward to another book by Crusie. I’m gonna bet it’s gonna make me smile, chuckle and melt all at the same time. Again.

P.S. Does anyone know if Crusie is a fan of John Cusack, I keep reading his movies in her books. 🙂

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I Do

Don’t your ever just want to get away? Build another life. Not a new one but another. Away from who you were supposed to be, what is expected from you, who you’re being compared to, or how others think of you. 

Don’t you ever just want to not care? For once, could it be possible not to care as much like everyone else who doesn’t give a damn? I remember something I told my friend Jacqui, “You can’t expect other people to care just because you do.”

Don’t you ever just think about it? I do.

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Life and Jobs

I was just reading my dear college friend’s blog and I wanted to share something she posted out of Steve Jobs’s speech.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

The message (and timing) couldn’t be more perfect. Thank you Mau, really miss you.

If you want to see more, pls. check her blog at http://www.mymelancholicheart.wordpress.com.

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Singapore Sun

Landing in Singapore, it felt a little bit familiar already except now that I am traveling alone. It was a good trip where I mostly just read a good book (the review of which will be on a separate post hehe) and spent a quiet three-hour trip for the third time in this country.

As before, the simplicity, cleanliness and orderliness of Singapore were much appreciated. People here generally walk. And I enjoyed walking here because it was maaliwalas. The streets were clean, the air was unpolluted and the sunlight was welcoming as it softly lays on your back. People here seem to move fast too like their escalators, something that I think mirrors their level of efficiency.

One thing I like here is how even the elderly, the supposedly retired citizens, are still valued by giving them the opportunity to work. You could see them smiling as they serve customers in the grocery stores or taxis among others. Another great thing here is that you feel secured from any thieves or criminal elements. You could take out your cellphones or precious gadgets while in the MRT (yes they also call it MRT) and wouldn’t have to worry about snatchers lurking around you. We also went to the Lucky Plaza yesterday, and I was still surprised by how many Filipinos were here. We ate sisilog at Jologs Bistro hehe. You could also dress the way you want to without people staring at you.

As it was my third time, I didn’t go around the sights anymore since I already went to Sentosa, Universal Studios, etc. We went to the Holy Trinity Church yesterday to go for mass. Then we went to Orchard to buy what we needed in its myriad of malls. There were a lot of tiyangges too! I’ll be back here on Friday, let’s see if I will still have time to do some stuff.

As my last note, I am happy to report that my dearest and beloved sister is happily in love. Finally, some great news! It got me thinking.. .finding a guy is hard enough, but finding the right one?  That will take more than luck. 🙂

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The Choice

I’d choose the years with the hurt a thousand times, than time spent short or not seized with a life unscathed.

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Leaves of Autumn

I opened my eyes

and saw the colors of autumn

I have always loved the season of fall

Red, orange, yellow

Crackling leaves beneath your feet


I wish I can walk through this path forever

Never knowing where to go

But allowing myself to follow through


Autumn is like the breath of  life

Quiet in its stillness

Subtle in its power

Touching in its spirit

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