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Demystifying The Seven

One of the best things about reading a book is the fact that it keeps you longing, questioning, and continuously intrigued with the storyline to sustain your interest until the very last page of the final book. The Seven conjures up its own captivating world that fuses reality into the beauty of the mystical realm with a plot that will make readers wonder, imagine, and inherently hooked until the end has been revealed.

The book targeted for young adults explores on the fantasy that I’m sure everyone of us has thought about when we were kids. Filled with catchy names, unusual creatures and vivid settings, the book plays on the imagination of every reader no matter the age since in essence, everyone could relate to the characters and message of the story. With the endearing charm of Harry Potter, the unique world in Lois Lowry’s books, and the fierceness of the Lord of the Rings, The Seven tells the story of how goodness has and will always be tempted to fail upon the adversities of evil.

As protagonists are four young girls, the Favored Ones, chosen to defend humanity from Helle. Each of these four fearless characters carries a remarkable strength and identifiable quality that reaches out to every young girl or even boy out there.

Key of Credence marks the initial adventure of these girls into the fight between good and evil. Along the way, they are able to learn more about the worlds they live in, the resiliency of faith, and the huge responsibility they each have to take in their continuing discoveries.

As I turned the last page of the book, I can’t help but wonder how the next journey will take place or what aspects will be revealed that will connect the dots in my mind. I look forward to more adventures and also to a great story-teller whose beautifully chosen words have created an enchanting realm for the young and young-at-heart.


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What is running?

It was my first time to join in the fun of the Eiga Sai. With my trusty buddy, we went to watch Feel the Wind, a Japanese film about the trials and triumphs of an amateur group of university boys who wanted to run the Hakone marathon.

The movie was really endearing, funny and at the same time tearjerking. At first, I couldn’t really identify one from the other, they all looked alike! Hehe. Then, as the story unraveled, each character had its own flair and story which was either hilarious or touching.

Apart from the crowd’s egging on the weird relationship of the two male leads (how come we had to put some kind of malice in it!? haha), the story was so hopeful and inspiring. Imagine a limping guy trying to finish the last lap of the race? Or a guy smiling all the way to his finish line? Or someone who has high fever but never even thought about giving up?

Haiji was wonderful. 🙂

If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. 🙂

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Ninoy Lives

I don’t think the Filipino people will ever get tired of hearing the story of Ninoy year after year. 

I wish I had been born during this time, when all bore witness to his unfailing courage. I mean, how many times do you get to know someone like him? How many chances do the Filipino people get to have a hero in this time and age? You don’t get to meet someone like him everyday and sometimes even in your whole life.

Thank you Mr. Benigno Aquino for the life you lived. And for the many lives you saved even after all these years. We could only hope to share a part of your undying spirit.

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Talk n Text, Seriously?

As I watched in support of the Talk n Text team, I’d have to say, did you really think you’d have a chance of winning without putting in the effort? I mean, c’mon! Seriously?!

There’s a difference between a fan being sad because of defeat and a fan being frustrated because no one even tried to jump for a rebound.

Even Chot’s usual spitfire coaching personality went amiss as early as in the 3rd quarter.

There’s dignity with losing, and it’s called all-out, from the gut, with all your might trying.

I have to give a hand to Petron for a job well done. And even though I hate the guts of Arwind Santos, he was, without a doubt, a stand-out MVP.

Congratulations to the former (our) San Miguel team.

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Guess what? My MAM Day 2 finally paid off!

My friend’s sister just got accepted into our subsidiary company. Good Job!

Hope she will enjoy the work and save a lot!


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Make a Moment Day 9

Wow, I haven’t posted in a while so I’m happy I have more time now to think about what I want to write.

I don’t really consider myself as a very athletic person. With all the running, I get dizzy and with all the movements, I easily get exhausted hehe. But I think I have to lose some pounds because I’m feeling a bit heavier than usual.

Since I enjoy watching sports than actually having the time to play them, I reckon I’d have to spend even a little time to a sport that I really like. And the only thing I do enjoy playing is the game of ping-pong. I’ve played table tennis since high school, then in college, then a few times with my brother in Amoranto Stadium. It’s quite hard to find a place to play in since it requires a table.

Fortunately, my company really loves to conduct sportfests and we actually have a table in the gym. So without hesitation, I joined our upcoming sportsfest in September. I better go practice then soon!

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The Potter Generation

The series that defined our generation has come to an end. It was both happily and sadly heartbreaking. No doubt, there won’t be anything quite like Harry Potter. Atleast not in this lifetime.

Watching the historic end to the book that changed millions of imaginations around the world was indeed  a privilege. It was truly an honor to have been part of the generation that grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione.  We owe tons to J.K. Rowling (Her name is Joanne too!) for creating this out-of-this-world world filled with wanderful spells, brooms, and horcruxes.

I’m certain that all those of you like me who have been an avid fan of the book can’t seem to find the strength to say goodbye to Harry. I still think of what their lives would be like after those 19 years. It’s like they are real people who have been in our lives and won’t be removed from it because deep down we’re all wishing they were true, just living somewhere in England, walking in King’s Cross, or just sending their kids to Hogwarts. You’ve got to tell me that I’m not the only one who dreamt of actually living in their world, right?

I have a million things I love about Harry Potter, both in the book and the film. I could go on and on for ages but I’ll try to sum those up here.

1.  It’s funny how I came to know the book. I was in college, riding with my two good friends on our way home. Our funny guy friend was holding this children’s book and seemed to be a great fan of it. I looked at the cover and thought how childish it seems, but then he persuaded me that it was actually a book worthy of reading. And so I borrowed from another friend to try it out. Turning those pages was something I would never trade with anything in this world. Just fom the first page, I could easily transcend to this magical world that fueled all my imagination. That street in Privet Drive  was so real in my mind that I could almost touch it. What I loved more was that, the very first scene in the Sorcerer’s Stone was actually and unbelievably just how I imagined it. Just wow!

2. The most recognizeable theme song ever! The Harry Potter tune is definitey a catchy one that will stay with us forever. It literally puts us into a trance and brings us into their world. I even had that for a ringtone once!

3. The writing was impeccable. I would like to think that I have read a lot of books compared to some and in my experience, I’ve never encountered such a writer as J.K. Rowling. Every word had a purpose. Every word had a timing. Every word fit into her plot. She chose just the right words to convey what she means to say. They captured everything that she wanted the readers to feel and experience. There was no clutter (unlike Stephanie Meyer, okay okay sorry for all the Twilight fans hehe but I read and watched those too). The content was cleverly and beautifully molded through words full of wit, warmth, and wisdom. And the story was magnificent and strong enough to carry the readers through the final book. All the details of each character were incredible, I didn’t think they were possible to be crafted. And of course, all the one-of-a-kind names of people, places, spells, and objects she created that could  struck a memory so dear and unique to Harry Potter. Unbelievable.

4. Prisoner of Azkaban. I would have to say that Book 3 was my favorite. All the secrets and surprises were revealed here. I especially loved when Harry found out who Sirius really was. I could just imagine the young Sirius, Lupin and James ruling the school with their charm and courage. At the end of the book, when Sirius asked Harry if he wanted to live wih him, after all he was his godfather, my heart just melted awww. (Sidenote: Harry looked the best in Book 3 too hehe)

5. Quidditch. Oh man if only I can ride a broom! Playing the game in Playstation was the best too!

6. Fred & George. I doubt if anbody in this planet doesn’t adore these witty redheaded twins! They made us all laugh so hard and cry too when Fred had to die. I think his death scene could have been better though.

7. Marauder’s Map. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Very cool stuff and..way to rub it in with Snape’s abnormally huge nose. Haha. Mischief Managed!

8. The first Dumbledore. He was literally how I imagined Dumbledore to be. From the half-moon spectacles, long white hair, etc. I could only hope he lived long enough to finish them all.

9. Magic. When Hagrid tapped the bricks to enter Diagon Alley. The huge tent disguised through a small one during the Quidditch cup. The invisible cloak. The pensieve.  And tons more!

10. Ron’s antics. I have a difficult time imagining  someone else besides Rupert Grint in this role. I mean, he was exactly the redheaded, hilarious, stubborn, loyal, dense, and sweet Ron that we had in our minds.

11. Snape. If I had to pick one character who was incredibly established by the person portraying the role, I wouldn’t think twice about choosing Alan Rickman as Snape. From the very beginning, he was able to create this unique character that was imprinted on everybody’s mind. From the nose, to the walk, to the evilish smirk, Mr. Rickman knew from the start how to make his mark in the Potter franchise. He knew exactly how to make Snape revulting but at the same time respected especially in the end. I actually forgot how he died when I saw it happen!

That’s all for now folks. We’d just have to tune in if there will be a chance for another book in the Potter land. 🙂

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