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I never thought that my dream of becoming a published author would actually come true this soon! It’s one of those moments when some greater divine power is at work, reminding me that indeed, all life’s destinies somehow find a way to happen at the exact moment they were meant to happen.

You’re in that place, connected with the right people, at the opportune time when your dream coincided with a dream of another. It happened quite fast when I met Isshin Dream Publishing through a common friend who accidentally (or not!) went online, saw my blog, and remembered that I loved writing.

My high school friend, Amber, was doing the marketing for the series of books that would be published by Ms. Jho of Isshin. Upon submitting a number of my writings, I was immediately notified, rather excitedly, by our publisher that seven of my works will be inlduded in the Short Story Collection.

I was thrilled to see the titles of my works in the line-up of an actual book that will be released within the year. It was an exhilarating feeling that soon, this dream of mine may be sold to bookstores and be read by people who know me and those who don’t.

“Emotions” is the unofficial title of the collection that features a mix of life experiences and amusing stories for young adults and professionals. I do hope there will be more opportunities like this to encourage more writers in this often uncredited craft. Thank you to people like Ms. Jho, who so passionately loves reading and believes in our potential that much for her to take a chance in publishing such a book.

I can’t wait! By the way, I’m having a dilemma on what to use for my byline. The publisher, for marketing reasons, prefers Joanne Crisner because of its unique sounding quality. While my mother (and I) think it’s high time that the Alcayaga’s make a name for themselves. I was told that I could use Joanne Alcayaga for children’s books or maybe J.C. Alcayaga like J.K. Rowling then?

Hehe, suggestions are more than welcome. 🙂


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It didn’t even occur to me that I will enjoy doing something related to human resources. Well, right now I’m really not involved in this department at work but I somehow seem to be really into developing people. It would be a great opportunity to experience this field someday, encouraging people to hone their skills and giving chances for people to have  job or a worthy promotion.

But for now, I would have to be content to doing what I seem to be doing for some of my close friends hehe. I just recently referred another friend of a friend to my part-time writing gig. Hopefully, she’ll pass the application process becuase I think her family really needs the money. The next thing I had to do was to write a Good Moral Character letter for my astig friend who, finally (thank God!), has landed a job after months of applying and going to interviews. I think the market today is tougher than before. So, we are very grateful that she has been accepted because she has a new-born baby who needs milk! Hehehe.

This HR thing I’m doing is really quite fun and easy. Let’s just hope it opens doors for them. 🙂

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I was on my way to meet my friend in Ortigas for the last Harry Potter movie the other day (Can you believe it’s the last?! – This will be  further discussed in a separate post), when I distinctly remembered those times when I had to ride the MRT to go to work. Who knew I’d someday miss the hot, crowded, and uncomfortable feeling inside these infamous trains. Yes, I miss it but I did not really crave for it.

As I was walking along the sidewalks to reach the MRT station, I can’t feign the feeling of weariness, thinking to myself that I had absorbed all the dust and dirt that EDSA has. It’s been a long time since I’ve boarded these trains and I was glad to see that only a few were travelling from this end station. I had been able to find a comfy seat on my way to watching the epic conclusion to the Harry Potter series.

While I was texting my joyful friend, a mother and her two kids stood in front of me. The boy and the girl were able to secure their seats beside me but the mother who was holding their bags wasn’t able to, so I decided to give up my seat for this mom of two.

While standing in front of the whole family, I was unaware that I had been listening in on their conversation. Well actually, I was simply looking from one child to another and felt amazed at how intensely they were listening to the words of their mother. The girl was probably 10 years old while the boy was younger, probably around seven years of age. They were quite engaged in their mom’s authoritative explanation about something that seemed to be an important subject for them. They squeezed in some adorable smiles and heartfelt giggles in between their beloved mother’s lecture.

I shifted my gaze away from the family, looked up into the horizons of the city and wondered, “When does a child stop listening to his parent?”

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Even though tonight wasn’t really a good one, guess what? Today I started my commitment to the SOS Children’s Village.

I hope I get to meet them someday. That was enough to make the day a little better.

Stammi bene. 🙂

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Hi! Hope everyone had a great day 🙂

Day 4 is my “Freedom” Musing.

Ci sentiamo presto 🙂

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It is quite a stunning rarity to strive for work from your heart. Not because it is needed, expected, or because we don’t have any choice at all. And even though any work can have its daily agonies, it is still something to be grateful for.

I worked my bones off for a report. I came in on a Saturday and Sunday (Can you imagine?) but it was all worth it. I exhausted all my brain cells and creative genes to produce an incredible first report for our new Division.

I thank my work for giving me the chance to prove what I can do. 🙂

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My Day 2 required just a few minutes on the phone and even lesser minutes on the computer. 🙂

My old, hilarious, and very grateful friend (grateful to God!) had wanted to find work for her younger sister. In college, I had three main friends, yeah I know so small hehe but I wasn’t really into those big groups you know.  We thought of nick-naming ourselves, I don’t even know why but I think we wanted to call ourselves by our favorite name or celebrity. We called our dear hilarious friend Love after Jennifer Love Hewitt, our stringent and organized friend was Rain, our unpredicatble friend was Cameron after Cameron Diaz, and I had chosen to be called Leigh. I had always thought that Leigh was such a beautiful name. 🙂

So going back to the story, Love had asked me if there were any positions available in our company for her sister. And I said I was not sure if there were any vacancies for her but I would definitely forward her resume to our HR department. And so I did, I also showed it to my boss who then forwarded it to our supervisors who had a position for her. She was eventually interviewed but they thought that a better position would fit her qualifications.

And so, I told Love that I will send her sister’s resume to my boss again to forward it to the other subsidiary company that we hope will be a great match for her. Hopefully, she’ll get a call soon for an interview. Fingers-crossed!

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